Media Reviews - December 2020
"In this book, Margaret Heffernan turns her attention to a topic that absorbs most business leaders — and the rest of us too: how to think about what the future holds. Gazing into the future is not fruitless, she argues, but it is unnerving and hard work. Lazy and fearful, we are far too quick to reach for overblown gurus, or misleading data or other useless guides."
– FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

"Excellent (and very timely)."
– Gillian Tett, Financial Times

"Wise and appealingly human. Heffernan is…a deft storyteller."
– Tim Harford, Financial Times

"Uncharted challenges the fetishisation of forecasting. Is it time to embrace uncertainty?"
– Stephen Sackur, BBC Hardtalk

"Some books are written to explain a moment, other books arrive at the right moment. Uncharted is both."
– Todd Sattersten, Medium

"Uncharted couldn’t be a more timely examination of the inherent unpredictability and uncertainty of life…For anybody who wants to develop the muscles of leadership, of taking responsibility, of creativity, of living in a world of uncertainty, I can’t recommend any better starting point than this book."
– Matthew Taylor, RSA