The Naked Truth

Published: September 2004
ISBN-10: 078797143X
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

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THE NAKED TRUTH: A Working Woman's Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters by Margaret A. Heffernan.


Extract One From CHAPTER 1:
Start Smart
I remember sitting in a room full of brilliant women in a leading investment bank. Together, they probably had more degrees than the government and more intelligence than their board of directors. What was their problem? They didn't know how good they were. Anxious, demoralized and demotivated by a toxic environment that measured them only by how successfully they imitated men, they found it hard to take themselves seriously as women with unique talents, skills and opportunities. That experience has been repeated the world over, in every industry I can think of... [more]

Extract Two From CHAPTER 4:
The Emperor's New Clothes
I am sitting here at my desk as a VP/GM in a Fortune 100 company and trying not to cry. I am an anomaly here. I tell the truth to the folks that work for me; I tell the truth to the COO that I work for. (He and his colleagues would prefer to make decisions based on anecdote than fact and solid business results are less valued than being a part of the club.)... [more]

Extract Three From CHAPTER 6:
Sex, Love and a Vision for Life
Relocations pose all the same challenges, writ large. Who is most important: the husband, the wife, the company? Someone, something has to give - how do you decide? [more]

Extract Four From CHAPTER 7:
The Whole Life
My sister once wisely told me that your children need you more as they grow older. As infants, they want food, comfort, warmth, sleep. They can get that from many people. As they get older, their demands grow far more complicated. Exploring emotions and morality, they want your advice - no one else will do. And so I decided that I would work hard, very hard, while my children were still small. I'd work hard to earn the financial freedom, when they were older, to give them more time. And that's how it's worked out. I made money and the money has brought me more choices... [more]